mm-wave and sub-mm wave Frequency Synthesizers:

36 GHz-1250 GHz

Wide Band mm-wave and sub-mm wave Frequency Synthesizers from 36 GHz to 1250 GHz

mm-wave and sub-mm wave Vacuum Tube Based Sources:

36 GHz -1250 GHz

MMWave BWO sources from 36 GHz to 178 GHz
MMWave and Sub-mm Wave BWO sources from 179 GHz to 1250 GHz

Power Supplies for mmwave and sub-mm wave BWO sources
Automated power supply IPPS 2-6/60

mm-wave Orotron (High-Power BWO) sources from 120 GHz to 370 GHz

mm-wave Pulse Magnetrons up to 150 GHz and peak power up to 1 MWt

MM Wave Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs) up to 26 GHz with peak power of 500 Watt

mm wave Room Temperature Gyrotrons from 15 to 35 GHz
mm-wave Cryogenic Gyrotron Systems at 37.5 & 83 GHz

mm wave Gyro-Klystrons at 34 GHz and 93 GHz

mm wave Gyro-TWT at 34 GHz with 3.4 GHz bandwidth

MMWave Frequency Counters & Spectrum Analyzers:

70 GHz - 170 GHz

Millimeter Wave Frequency Counter 70 GHz-170 GHz

Millimeter Wave Spectrum Analyzers, 35 GHz -178 GHz

mm-wave and sub-mm wave Detectors:

100 GHz - 70 THz

MM-wave Hot Electron Bolometer Detectors up to 70 THz

mm-wave IMPATT Diodes:

30 GHz -140 GHz

CW MM-wave IMPATT diodes from 30 GHz to 140 GHz

Pulse MM-wave IMPATT diodes from 30 GHz to 140 GHz

Microwave and mm-wave PIN diodes:

1 GHz -140 GHz

MM-Wave High-speed switching diodes from 33 GHz to 140 GHz
MM Wave Microwave switching diodes from 1 GHz to 40 GHz
MM Wave Microwave Variable-Capacitance diodes from 1 GHz to 40 GHz

mm-wave Pulse P-I-N IMPATT Limiters 0.7-9.55 GHz

MMWave Solid State Sources, CW & Pulsed:

26.5 GHz - 280 GHz

mmWave CW Cavity stabilized IMPATT from 26.5 to 140 GHz

mmWave Pulsed IMPATT-based Generators from 26.5 to 140 GHz

mm-wave Cavity stabilized GUNN from 40 to 140 GHz

millimeter wave Voltage controlled GUNN from 26.5 to 60 GHz

MM-Wave EPR/ ESR/ DNP related sources:

mm-wave Pulsed ESR/EPR: Pulse IMPATT power amplifier 26.5-140 GHz with up to 30 watt output power
MMWave Pulsed and CW ESR/EPR: Quasi-continuous powerful millimeter (mm-wave) and sub-millimeter (sub-mm wave) Orotron Generator
MMWave Pulse and CW ESR/EPR: Synthesizer up to 140 GHz
mm-wave Pulsed and CW ESR/EPR and DNP: Synthesizer 26.5-140 GHz with output power up to 30 watt
mm-wave Pulsed DNP: High-Power Pulsed Magnetron-based generators at 94 GHz

MM-Wave Solid State Amplifiers:

26 GHz -178 GHz

MMWave Pulse Amplifiers 26.5 GHz to 140 GHz with up to 30 Watt output power

MM-Wave Monolithic Balanced Mixers with an Intermediate Frequency, 26 GHz to 178 GHz

MM-Wave Low-Noise Parametric Amplfiers Monolithic Integrated Circuits (MIC) based


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