Pulsed injection locked IMPATT amplifiers:

 Pulsed injection locked amplifier incorporates IMPATT diode, ferrite input/output isolators, circulators, and pulse modulator. Only DC power supply, RF input signal, and external trigger signal are required to operate amplifier. Output phase noise parameters are very close to the noise parameters of the input RF signal.

Available Frequencies: 26.5-140 GHz
Input Pulse Power: 4-5 mW
Maximum Pulse Power: 30 WATT

Model number  IPA-8 IPA-5  IPA-3 IPA-2
Frequency range*, GHz 26.5-40 40-60 60-90 90-140
Max. frequency tune, MHz +/-500 +/-750 +/-800 +/-800
Max. power, Watt
(pulse width 100 ns,
duty cycle 1 %)
30.0 10.0  10.0  10.0
P consume, Watt 20-30  20-30 20-30  20-30
*amplifier can be ordered at any frequency within specified range

Photo of 94 GHz pulse IMPATT amplifier


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