Pulsed and CW EPR/ESR: Synthesizers up to 280 GHz 

Insight Product Company offers synthesizers at frequencies from 30 to 280 GHz which can be used in EPR/ ESR experiments. These sythnesizers are designed to go swiftly from the generation to the non-generation mode and back.  This process is controlled by external TTL signal. There is also the possibility to manipulate the phase, namely to shift it by 90 degrees and 180 degrees. ON/OFF switch time is approximately 2 nanoseconds. The synthesizer enables high frequency stability by phase-locking to a low frequency source.

In contrast with the PIN modulators, the synthesizers have no residual signal in the "OFF"  position. These advantage makes them uniquely beneficial for the applications in  EPR/ESR, MRI, Spectroscopy, Plasma Diognostics, MM-wave Imaging, Radars and Communications.

Specifications for Synthesizer at 94 GHz:
Frequency 94 GHz
Output  Power  80-100 mW
ON/OFF switch time  2 ns
AM Noise at 100 kHz  offset  less then  –135 dBc/Hz
Frequency stability better than 10-6
Frequency tuning 100 MHz
Modulation inputs (ON/OFF, Phase shifts)  TTL, 50 Ohm
Power (typ.) 27 V, 500 mA
Size (typ.)  70*90*80 mm
Weight (typ.)  0.6 kg


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