Pulsed and CW ESR/EPR and DNP: Synthesizer up to 140 GHz with output power up to 30 Watt

 Insight Product Company offers a high-power synthesizer of pulsed signals. They are ideal for ESR, EPR, and DNP experiments. The synthesizer has a high frequency stability (10-6), and allows control over the duraction and begining time of pulses. The synthesizer also enables phase manipulation, where each pulse is shifted by 90 or 180 degrees relative to the previous pulse. In contrast with the PIN modulators and injection-locked power amplifiers this synthesizer has absolutely no residual signal in the "OFF"  position.

Available Frequencies: 26.5-140 GHz
Maximum Pulse Power: 30 WATT

94 GHz pulse synthesizer specs:

Operating frequency, GHz
Frequency stability
Band, MHz
Output power,

Model A: 2-3 W

Model B: 5-6 W

Model C: 9-10 W

Microwave pulse duration, ns
Modulation inputs (ON/OFF, Phase shifts)
TTL Logic, 50 Ohm
Supply voltage, V
Input current, A


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