Millimeter Wave Frequency Counter 70-170 GHz:

 Insight Product Co. offers the electronic frequency counter for frequency measurements of millimeter wave generators of continuous or pulsed signals.
The counter has an auto and waiting modes of operation and a direct 6-digits reading in frequency range (70-170) GHz without an external mixer.

For gyrotron investigation counter has some special regimes. Manually controlled in the range (0.02-4) s start delay allows to estimate the frequency of input signal at any time points relative to the start pulse. Counter has an internal memory for 2000 measurement results and RS-232 interface for investigation of a frequency drift of a single-pulse signal in a time range up to 20 s. For successful measurements the duration of a signal pulse must be more then 30 ms and a frequency drift less then 8 GHz/s.

The main parameters of the frequency counter :

Frequency range without an external mixer 70-170 GHz
Sensitivity (typ.) -4-(-6) dBm
Maximum input +13 dBm
Damage level +20 dBm
Modes of operation auto, delay of 0.02-4 s
Acquisition time less than 30 ms
Tracking speed 8 GHz/s
Measurements in auto mode more than 100
Accuracy +/- 1 MHz
Size 135mm H x 450 mm W x 390 mm D
Weight 7.5 kg

Photo of Millimeter Wave Frequency Counter 70-170 GHz


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