Insight Product Company offer Automated Power Supplies/Sweepers specially designed to control mm- and sub-mm wave BWO sources. Those power supplies provides:

  • highly stable regulated voltages for slow wave structure (anode), filament/heater and control electrodes;
  • special design to simplify operation with BWO or WRO tubes;
  • special design to protect tubes during Start/Stop;
  • unique possibility for fast frequency sweep within entire frequency band;
  • possibility to use tubes within a PLL frequency stabilization system;
  • digital control and digital indication of output frequency;
  • built-in IEEE-488 interface;
  • multiple possibilities to control output frequency

Currently we offering following power supplies:

  • IPPS 1-4/60 to control sub-mm BWO from 179 to 375 Ghz;
  • IPPS 1-5/60 to control sub-mm BWO from  370 to 536 Ghz;
  • IPPS 2-6/60 to control sub-mm BWO from  526 to 1250 Ghz;
  • IPPS 0.4-1.5/30 to control mm-wave BWO from 36 to 178 Ghz;
  • IPPS 2.4-4.5/200 to control WRO oscillators.
Each power supply provides automated START/STOP, quick over current and over heating protection. They offer fast frequency sweep in the entire band, ultra fast anode voltage control for frequency stabilization. Power supplies have low ripple and high stability, digital readout of output frequency, anode voltage and current, filament voltage and current, IEEE-488 control of output frequency, multiple possibilities to control the output frequency, fine filament voltage control. All power supplies require single phase AC line only, and have relatively low size and weight.

For specifications and detail technical information see descriptions of sub-mm power supply  IPPS 2-6/60 .

All power supplies are designed and built in the USA and covered by one year warranty for parts and labor.


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