Insight Product Company introduces a family of new wide band synthesizers of millimeter and submillimeter waves (Insight FS). Insight FS cover frequencies from 36 to 1250 GHz and generate substantial output power.

In the millimeter wave range, each synthesizer covers a full waveguide band (Q, U, V, E, W, F, D, G, Y, J). Insight FS provides several options for frequency and amplitude modulation (analog FM/AM modulation, frequency manipulation, pulses modulation).  Insight FS are compact in size and controlled by IEEE, analog input, or manually.

Typical applications:

EPR, NMR/ MRI, Gas spectroscopy, Plasma diagnostics,  millimeter and sub millimeter wave network analyzers, heterodyne receivers, Gyrotron experiments etc.

-High output power
-Extremely stable frequency
-Wide tunability
-Wide possibility of frequency and amplitude modulation and manipulation,
-Operates independently in free running mode as generator or with microwave signal generator as synthesizer
-Convenient for heterodyne and direct detection receiver systems
-Ease of control and operation
-High reliability

1. Frequency & Output Power

Frequency, GHz 36-55 52-79 78-118 129-143 140-178 118-178 179-263 258-375 370-535 526-714 667-857 789-968 882-1111 1034-1250
Typical Output Power, mW 20-80 20-80 20-80 20-80 20-80 20-50 10-30 10-20 4-15 4-15 4-15 3-8 2-8 0.5-2

2. Frequency stability:
5*10-8 or 5*10-11 with microwave signal generator

3. Control and Programming:
A. Manually by keyboard on front panel
B. Remotely by computer through GPIB

4. Modulation & Manipulation:
A. Extremely fast frequency modulation by external analog voltage.
B. Frequency manipulation (jumps) by TTL Logic signal.
C. Amplitude ON/ OFF modulation by TTL Logic signal.

 Specifications for Insight FS 120-180 GHz:

Frequency range 120-180 GHz
Output power > 30 mW
Flange standard UG-387/U
Frequency control options IEEE 488, analog, manual
Data input/output IEEE 488
Modulation options frequency and amplitude 
AC supply 110V , 60 Hz, 100 W
Dimensions of controller module  260 mm
Weight of controller module 8.5 kg
Dimensions of  bwo head module 190 mm
Weight of bwo head module 6 kg


Photo of Insight FS 120-180 GHz


In March, 2005, Microwaves & RF Journal wrote:
“For millimeter-wave frequencies, Insight Product Co. ( offers a line of frequency synthesizers in full waveguide bands from 120 to 180 GHz, with output-power levels of 30 mW or more. Ideal for measurement and astronomy applications, these synthesizers can be equipped with optional AM and FM capabilities and GPIB remote control.”


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