THz & mm-wave Frequency Synthesizers & Sweepers:

36-2850 GHZ

Wide Band THz Frequency Synthesizers from 36 to 1250 GHz

Wide Band Ultra-fast THz Sweepers from 36 to 1250 GHz

THz Frequency Synthesizer 0.45 THz to 2.85 THz

Power Amplifiers, Transmitters, and Receivers Based on Vacuum Tube Based Sources in mm-wave range

Ka Band Power Amplifier 10 Watt

W-band Transmitter 50 mW

W-band Receiver (25 dB or more Gain)

THz & mm-wave Vacuum Tube Based Sources:

36-1250 GHz

BWO sources from 36 to 178 GHz
BWO sources from 179 to 1250 GHz

Power Supplies for BWO sources
Automated power supply IPPS 2-6/60

Orotron (High-Power BWO) sources from 120 to 370 GHz

Pulse Magnetrons up to 220 GHz and peak power up to 30 kW

CW Microwave Magnetrons 915 MHz and 2450 MHz up to 100 kW

Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs) up to 26 GHz with peak power of 500 Watt

Room Temperature Gyrotrons from 15 to 35 GHz
Cryogenic Gyrotron Systems at 37.5 & 83 GHz

Gyro-Klystrons at 34 GHz and 93 GHz

Gyro-TWT at 34 GHz with 3.4 GHz bandwidth

Frequency Counters & Spectrum Analyzers:

70-170 GHz

Millimeter Wave Frequency Counter 70-170 GHz

Millimeter Wave Spectrum Analyzers, 35-178 GHz

Photon Counter/ Photon Registration System Multi-Channel Optical Photon Registration System

THz & mm-wave Mixers, Detectors & Filters:

100 GHz - 70 THz

Hot Electron Bolometer Mixers/Receivers up to 2.5 THz
Hot Electon Bolometer Detectors up to 70 THz

Room Temperature Detectors from 37.5 GHz up to 996 THz: Golay Cells

Sensitive Terahertz Detectors: Cooled and Room Temperature Terahertz (THz) Detectors

Mesh Filters from 0.9 to15 THz

mm-wave IMPATT Diodes:

30-140 GHz

CW mm-wave IMPATT diodes from 30 to 140 GHz

Pulse mm-wave IMPATT diodes from 30 to 140 GHz

Microwave and mm-wave PIN diodes:

1-140 GHz

High-speed switching diodes from 33 to 140 GHz
Microwave switching diodes from 1 to 40 GHz
Microwave Variable-Capacitance diodes from 1 to 40 GHz

Pulse P-I-N IMPATT Limiters 0.7-9.55 GHz

Microwave Silicon Limiter PIN Diodes

Miniature Silicon Diode Temperature Sensors

Microwave hight temperature 4HSiC PIN Diode

Microwave packaged hight temperature 4HSiC PIN Diode

Solid State Sources, CW & Pulsed:

26.5-280 GHz

CW Cavity stabilized IMPATT from 26.5 to 140 GHz

Pulsed IMPATT-based Generators from 26.5 to 140 GHz

Cavity stabilized GUNN from 40 to 140 GHz

Voltage controlled GUNN from 26.5 to 60 GHz

Noise Generator at 94 GHz

EPR/ ESR/ DNP related sources:

Pulsed ESR/EPR: Pulse IMPATT power amplifier 26.5-140 GHz with up to 30 watt output power
Pulsed and CW ESR/EPR: Quasi-continuous powerful millimeter (mm-wave) and sub-millimeter (sub-mm wave) Orotron Generator
Pulse and CW ESR/EPR: Synthesizer up to 140 GHz
Pulsed and CW ESR/EPR and DNP: Synthesizer 26.5-140 GHz with output power up to 30 watt
Pulsed DNP: High-Power Pulsed Magnetron-based generators at 94 GHz

Solid State Power Amplifiers: 2.025 GHz to 14.5 GHz: Solid State Power Amplifiers 2-14.5 GHz with up to 1000 Watt output power
THz Camera: Compact 256 Pixel, 50 GHz to 0.7 THz Camera for Quality Control, NDT, and Screening on Conveyor Belt

Solid State Amplifiers:

26-178 GHz

Pulse Amplifiers 26.5 to 140 GHz with up to 30 Watt output power

Monolithic Balanced Mixers with an Intermediate Frequency, 26 to 178 GHz

Low-Noise Parametric Amplfiers Monolithic Integrated Circuits (MIC) based

Rare Earth Metals

Cadmium (Cd 0000) 99.9999% (6N) purity

Cadmium (Cd_OA) 99.98% purity

Aluminium (Al_96) 95.95% purity



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