Linear Electron Accelerators where electrons reach energy of up to 10 MegaWatt

Insight Product Co. offers 4 Linear Electron Accelerators (linacs). The first 3 models are for Radiometric Quality Control application.

The fourth model has a number of applications including:

  • processing polymer materials and modifying their parameters
  • processing semiconductor materials and devices
  • for treating food products for disinfection, eliminated bugs, pathogens, and micro-organisms, and increasing their shelf life
  • processing diamonds, precious stones and semi-precious stones to change their color

Offered linacs:

Model Number Maximum Energy of accelerated electrons (MegaWatt) Controllable range for electron energy (MegaWatt) Maximum intensity of dose at 1 meter from target, Gray/minute Steel penetration depth for radiometry, mm
IP-LINAC-6 6 3-6 10 50-350
IP-LINAC-8 8 3-8 15 50-380
IP-LINAC-10-1 10 5-10 40 100-500
IP-LINAC-10-2 10 7-10 NA NA



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