Linear Electron Accelerators where electrons reach energy of up to 10 MegaWatt (IP-LINAC-10-1)

Insight Product Co. is proud to offer IP-LINAC-10-1, that is ideal for Radiometric Quality Control applications.

Specifications of IP-LINAC-10-1

Parameter Value
Maximum Energy of accelerated electrons (MegaWatts) 10
Controllable Range for electron energy (MegaWatts) 5-10
Maximum intensity of dose at 1 meter from target, Gray/minute 40
Controllable range of intensity of dose at 1 meter from target, Gray 10-40
Asymmetry of field of inhibiting radiation, % does not exceed 5
Effective diameter of focused spot on target does not exceed 1 mm
Shape and size of operating are at 2 meters from target circle, diameter 0.5 meter
Percent deviation of dose within operating area does not exceed 10
Maximum duration time of radiation pulse Unlimited
Minimum OFF time between radiation pulses 1 minute
Steel penetration depth for radiometry, mm 100-500
Construction design Radiator is packetized with modulator built-in
Dimensions, mm 1100 x 700 x 1500 (43.4 inches x 27.6 inches x 59.1 inches)
Weight, kg 1400 (3086 lbs)
Coefficient of attentuation of radiation intensity from local zone to outside operating area at least 10,000
Maximum energy consumption of linac with cooling does not exceed 25 killoWatt



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