Insight Terahertz Camera 256/50 GHz - 0.7 THz

Insight THz Camera has 256 pixels, enables rapid video acquisition (5 KHz), is compact,

and ideal for screening, non-destructive testing, and quality control of items on a conveyer belt.

This product fits most conveyors with belt moving at speeds of up to 15 meters/second.



Image acquisition rate
5 KHz (5000 fps)
8000 V/W
Minimium detectable power/pixel

100 nW at 5000 fps

45 nW at 1000 fps

14 nW at 100 fps

Scanning speed
up to 15 meters/second (900 meters/minute)
Spectral Range
50 GHz to 0.7 THz
Number of pixels
Pixel size
1.5 mm x 3.0 mm
Imaging area
384 mm x 3 mm
Dimensions of Device
450 mm x 160 mm x 44 mm
Sync out
TTL (+5 V)
Power Supply
24 V/ 20 W

Easily integrated into production process, examples follow.


Pharmaceutical Industry: Non-destructive testing (NDT) of drugs, medical products and baby diapers at industrial production lines.

Food Industry: Non-invasive technique for monitoring availability / number of hazel nuts inside of chocolate candy (already wrapped and packaged);detecting any plastic debris, extraneous bodies or inhomogeneous parts (clots) inside ready food products.

Construction Materials and Building Trades: Use THz imaging camera at manufacturing facilities or at construction sites to find out inhomogeneous elements or moisture in concrete, floor screed, plaster, wall paint etc.

Agriculture and Livestock farming: Potato selection process running on conveyor belt aimed to separate planting-potatoes from mud clumps and stones. Measure the thickness of a wool coat on a live sheep.

Wood Processing Industry: Detecting concealed hollows, internal forms, shapes and/or defects; saves a lot of time on inspections. Wood analysis - checking wood for water / moisture inside.

FMCG packaging: Checking availability of items inside packages as a process control step; detecting foreign objects inside packaging meant to exclude human error or defective items inside the package.

Automotive Industry: Indentify presence (or absence) of steel objects (viz. wires) or foreign bodies & elements inside of rubber tires. Inspect fitted tires on wheels to identify special run-flat nylon inserts attached to alloy wheels inside a tire, eliminating need for labor-intensive tire removal by visual inspection.

Security screening and Letter scanning: Homeland security: identification of hidden objects concealed in bags at the airports or check-points. Checking the contents of envelopes and parcels.


- High image acquisition speed enables monitoring of parts on conveyor belt
-Wide spectral range
-High scanning speed
-Ease of control and operation and integration into industrial setting
-High reliability



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