Single Photon Detector System for Near-Infrared (1.3 - 1.6 um wavelength) waves with Liquid Helium (LHe) Cryostat

Insight Product Company is proud to offer Single Photon Detector System for Near-Infrared (1.3-1.6 um wavelength) with Liquid Helium (LHe) Cryostat. Insight Product Co. offers superconducting single photon detectors and ultra-low noise registration systems for the near infrared range. All systems operate in continuous mode, no gating required.

The system is based on fiber-coupled NbN superconducting single photon detectors and can have several independent channels (up to 8).

The superconducting detectors require cryogenic temperature, and Insight offers two type of cooling systems (LHe or closed-cycle).


  • Frequency range includes coverage into higher frequencies than other photon counters on the market.
  • Short dead time (10 nanoseconds) compared to long dead time (microseconds) of alternatives. Therefore rapid repetition rate of 10s of MHz possible, whereas alternative have maximimum repetition rate of 1-10 kHz.
  • Very small dark counts (10/second) compared to high dark count (1,000s / second) of alternatives. Does not require gated mode unlike alternatives. Works in continuous operation mode.

Therefore device can detect CW signal, which is impossible for the alternatives. 

Liquid Helium (LHe) based system

The system is designed as a cryogenic insert placed inside a standard LHe Dewar.

This allows the use of superconducting detectors without the need for expensive special cryogenic equipment.

The LHe storage Dewar, filled with 100 liters of helium, allows up to 2 months of uninterrupted operation of the system.

The main advantage of this system is higher quantum efficiency.

Spectral Range Quantum efficiency (referred to optical input)
1.3 - 1.6 um




System specifications:

  • Timing jitter: less than or equal to 50 ps
  • Dark counts rate less than or equal to 10 cps
  • Counting rate: more than or equal to 100 MHz (Dead time less than or equal to 10 ns)
  • No afterpulsing
  • Fiber coupling (no misalignment)
  • Operation in continuous mode (no gating)

General parameters:

  • Number of channels: 1-8
  • Fiber: SMF 28e ( 980-HP, 780-HP, etc.)
  • Original output voltage: less than or equal to 150 mV
  • Possible types of output voltage: TTL, ECL, LVDS
  • Electrical connection: SMA
  • Driver interface: USB, LabVIEW


  • Photonic quantum computing
  • Photon correlation measurements
  • Quantum cryptography ( QKD )
  • CMOS defect analysis
  • Single α and β particles detection
  • Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC)
  • Single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy/ ultra-sensitive flurescence
  • Single Molecule Detection
  • Diffused Correlation Spectroscopy (DCS)
  • Ballistic imaging
  • Single plasmon detection, quantum plasmonics
  • Free space communication
  • Single-Photon LiDAR
  • Time-resolved fluorescence measurements
  • Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC)
  • Single quantum dot fluorescence spectroscopy
  • On-chip quantum optics
  • Oxygen singlet/triplet fluorescence detection
  • Flow cytometry
  • Picosecond Integrated Circuits Analysis (PICA)
  • Single electron detection
  • Registration of extra low IR photon flux
  • Optical coherence tomography
  • Particle Sizing (DLS)
  • STED and Multi-Photon Microscopy
  • Luminescence
  • Optical Range Finding
  • Photon Entangelment Experiments

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