Insight Product Co. Computer Vision for Object Recognition and Object Segmentation

Insight Product Company has developed an automated control system for monitoring the popullation of Siberian tigers and tracking their motions.

The system uses camera traps with computer vision algorithms that enable specific species identication.

Insight Product Co. computer vision/AI experts built a system for automatically identifying tigers using a specific and unique number or name in the images it gets from the camera traps. The system then lets users input information for each tiger: the unique ID, name, gender, age, number of times they have been photographed, the places where they havve been photographed, links to family members, ability to draw familial ties. Tigers are identified using computer vision algorithms built on convolutional neural networks.

Object detection and facial comparison system for the police

Insight Product Co. experts developed a flexible system for recognizing a variety of objects, automating image analysis for the police.We built a system that detects objects that match previously uploaded data sets for different object classes. A convolutional neural network drives detection, while users can perform criminal and suspect searches, add pictures, and delete pictures using the facial comparison system. In addition, there is a tool for adding new object classes.

Recognizing the human iris (eye)

We built algorithms for the entire biometric process used for iris recognition, which takes place over three stages:

  • segment the iris and highlight textures
  • highlight singularities and create biometric patterns
  • combine the patterns

Solution for segmenting objects (well-known antenna types and models) located on communication towers

After studying the problem, we created algorithms that segment objects into a 3D cloud of points. The solution works through a series of steps: processing the cloud of points using inputted data (the entire cloud of points that makes up the tower surrounded by land), pulling the tower out of the cloud, extracting the tower platforms, and then processing each platform’s cloud of points independently. Once that is complete, a set of algorithms kicks off to process each cloud in order to segment the objects on each platform with a high degree of accuracy.


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