Frequency Multipliers up to 3 THz

Insight Product Company offers a newly developed product line of SL technology multipliers that extend terahertz and millimeter wave sources and synthesizer up to 3 THz.

From 1.5 THz to 3 THz, this novel SL technology delivers consistent output power whereas Schottky diodes based multipliers output power decreases exponentially and offers about 10 times less power at 1.5 THz.

Table: Output Power (Watt), logorithmic scale vs. Operating Frequency (GHz) for SL and Schottky multipliers

Insight FS extensions provides several options for frequency and amplitude modulation (analog FM/AM modulation, frequency manipulation, pulses modulation).  Insight FS extensions are compact in size and controlled by IEEE, analog input, or manually.

Typical applications:

Imaging, Spectroscopy, terahertz (thz) wave network analyers, heterodyne receivers, terahertz (thz) experiments and research.

-Relatively high output power
-Extremely stable frequency
-Extremely wide tunability
-Extensive possibility of frequency and amplitude modulation and manipulation,
-Convenient for heterodyne and direct detection receiver systems
-Ease of control and operation via IEEE bus
-High reliability


Frequency stability:
5*10-8 or 5*10-11 with microwave signal generator

Control and Programming:
A. Manually by keyboard on front panel
B. Remotely by computer through GPIB

Modulation & Manipulation:
A. Extremely fast frequency modulation by external analog voltage.
B. Frequency manipulation (jumps) by TTL Logic signal.
C. Amplitude ON/ OFF modulation by TTL Logic signal.

In March, 2005, Microwaves & RF Journal wrote:
“For millimeter-wave frequencies, Insight Product Co. ( offers a line of frequency synthesizers in full waveguide bands from 120 to 180 GHz, with output-power levels of 30 mW or more. Ideal for measurement and astronomy applications, these synthesizers can be equipped with optional AM and FM capabilities and GPIB remote control.”


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