MHP  (Mm-wave High Power) generators from 30 to 110 GHz 

Insight Product Company offers powerful  mm-wave sources with CW  power up to 400 mW and central frequency up to 110 GHz.

Applications: EPR, MRI, Spectroscopy, Plasma Diagnostics, MM-wave Imaging, Radar’s and Communications.

Central Frequency 30 GHz to 110 GHz
Output  Power  400-100 mW
Electronic tuning  0.5 GHz
AM Noise at 100 kHz  offset better then –135 dBc/Hz
Power 30-40V, 0.4A
Electronic tuning voltage 0-5 V
Size (approx.)  150*140*60 mm
Weight (approx.) 0.5-0.7 kg
options with phase locking and extremely high frequency stability also available



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