Insight Product Co. Computer Vision solution for Manufacturing Automation

Insight Product Company has developed a system for remote control of airport facilities.

The sytem consists of a panoramic camera for airports (remote command and control post).

Insight Product Co. specialists developed a software product used to collect data from panoramic cameras and visualize it on a video wall without sacrificing quality.

Both the high quality of the panoramic image and the video wall let users feel like they are right in the middle of the action.

And with the help of additional selling points like wobble correction and data traffic regulation, the solution works for airports large and small alike.


Computer Vision for Conveyer Belt In-line Quality Control (QC)

The client had a device that monitored the conveyer step. It was designed to recognize and reconstruct the items being carried along the belt using an optical method that included a set of cameras, camera manipulators, a computer, and a software module. Our job was to develop a system for calibrating a camera or cameras across several positions to build a 3D model of each item. The 3D model is then used to identify their position and detect any defects they may have.

We developed a system for calibrating internal camera parameters and calculating the external parameters for the entire camera network. The device supports multiple camera position scenarios:

  1. One camera installed on a manipulator;
  2. Multiple cameras fixed around the device.

A proprietary pattern marked like a chess board is used to run calibration.


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