Insight Product Co. Computer Vision solution for Interactive Displays & Advertising

Insight Product Company has developed a system for Interactive displays that can be used for entertainment or advertising.

Insight Product Co. interactive screens users can operate using gestures:

  • In theater halls : information on the actors and performance, a "picture with the stars" app that lets visitors take a picture with one of the actors and post it to Facebook.
  • In chill-out areas : a tour around theater facilities visitors are not allowed to go see in person.
  • An entertainment app where users can select a melody musicians will play on different instruments.

Store-front interactive display that recognizes gestures

On the street outside a vintage costume shop, install an interactive showcase that passers-by can manipulate using gestures.

On the street outside a vintage costume shop, Insight Product Co. interactive showases can be installed so that passers-by can manipulate using gestures:

  • An interactive app on the screen lets users learn more about the life of Hugo Grotius as well as the services offered by the historical costume shop. Using gestures, they can page through the colorful presentation.
  • Visitors can also become the great Dutchman themselves, taking pictures with a tintamarresque of Hugo Grotius and instantly posting them to Facebook.


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