Insight Product Co. Computer Vision for Elevator Displays

Insight Product Company has developed a system that shows real-time panoramic views of the city environment while elevators are moving.

The elevator industry needed a modern solution, as elevator riders do not lose their sense of time and place while they areon their way up and down. The system screens pull interactive and panoramic views of the city that open as the elevator climbs higher.


  • Something similar to an outdoor elevator, with panoramic views shown in real time from the top of the building
  • Panoramic views from skyscrapers around the world available for use
  • View reconstructed using a 3D model
  • Actual images pulled from outside cameras
  • Scalable cameras and monitors
  • Combined real views and augmented reality, with the model complemented by ads, information laid over top, etc.
  • Panoramic view exchange: pull views from another building and send off your own.



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