Insight Product Co. Computer Vision for Assisted Driving Systems and Self-Driving Cars

Insight Product Company has developed a kit of algorithms for advanced driver-assistance systems in addition to optical sensors used in unmanned vehicles, integrate them into a built-in platform.


Insight Product Co. computer vision specialists have built the kit of ADAS algorithms and is currently porting them over to built-in platforms (PLD and nVidia), testing them in real-world conditions, and inputting collections of world-renowned test data to ensure the project’s success.

Some promising algorithms include: lane assist, obstacle detection, identification of road signs and other objects, adaptive cruise control, and surround vision.

Insight Product Co. has developed a solution on a PLD used to detect obstacles with the help of stereo cameras.

Insight Product Co. specialists leveraged their own stereo vision algorithm to build a high-performing PLD solution that uses data from stereo cameras to keep users informed about obstacles.

The system is designed for unmanned transport vehicles. As part of the process, the algorithm was streamlined for PLD use.


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