X-band Pulse Magnetron, IP MAG-493, 9.430 ± 0.015 GHz

Insight Product Co. 's X-band magnetron, IP MAG-493, provides up to 80 kW of power with exceptional frequency stability and pulses of 1 microsecond.

We offer standard and custom built pulse magnetrons.

Specifications for X-band Magnetron, MAG-493

Main Parameters

Frequency (GHz)

9.430 ± 0.015

Peak Power Output (kW)


Anode Voltage, kV


Cathode heating voltage, V


Electric characteristics

Typical mechanical range, MHz

fixed frequency

Anode Current, amps


Cathode heating current


Setup time, s

3.5 minutes

Pulse Width, microseconds

0.9 -1.1 microseconds

Duty Cycle

0.001; .0008

VSWR, max


Mechanical characteristics

Shelf life, years

12 years

Weight, Kg

8 kg


requires air cooling

Vibration, Hz


Environmental characteristics

Temperature (operating) -60...+85 degrees Cel.

In a serial production our magnetrons both with the fixed frequency and with frequency tuning (in a range to 10 % from face value) including fast electric tuning of frequency from " impulse to impulse" and fine precision adjustment of the frequency.

The 80 years of experience of our partner in the development and manufacturing of magnetrons allows use to deliver magnetrons with exceptionally high frequency stability, and small frequency drifts from one impulse to the next. This ensures functioning of magnetrons in radar to monitor moving targets.

Insight Product Co. supplies unique magnitrons with unifilament cathode, providing instant readiness of equipment and high operational parametres of reliability.


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