S-band Klystron 2.45 GHz / 5 MW

Insight Product Co. 's S-band, 2.45 GHz, klystron provides up to 5.0 MW of output pulse power.

We offer this standard built pulse klystron that is optimal for medical linear particle accelerators (LINACs).

The klystron includes built-in permanent magnets.

Specifications for IP Klystron-S-2.45 GHz/ 5 MW

Parameter Value
Operating frequency
2450 +/- 4 MHz
Maximium pulse output power
at least 5 MegaWatt
Average pulse output power
at least 5 KilloWatt
Power supply pulse power
does not exceed 13 MegaWatt
Heater power consumption
does not exceed 800 Watt
Warm-up time
does not exceed 15 minutes
Electronic beam current
does not exceed 260 Ampere
Electronic beam resistance
does not exceed 233 Ohm
Heater voltage
does not exceed 40 Volts
Heater current
does not exceed 28 Ampere
Beam voltage
does not exceed 55 killoVolt
Pulse duration
2.5-7.0 microseconds
Duty cycle
at least 1000
Voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR)
does not exceed 1.25
Mass of klystron
198.5 lbs
Dimensions of klystron
6.85 inches x 21.22 inches x 33.46 inches
Water-based for collectors and resonators
Water usage

for collector: 16 Liters/Minute

for resonator: 4 Liters/Minute

Water (coolant) temperature
does not exceed 45 degees Celsius
Construction material

Photo of Insight Product Klystron S-2.45 GHz/ 5 MW




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