S-band Klystron 3 GHz/3MW

Insight Product Co. 's S-band, 3 GHz, klystron provides up to 3.0 MW of output pulse power.

We offer this standard built pulse klystron that is optimal for medical linear particle accelerators (LINACs).

The klystron includes built-in permanent magnets.

Specifications for IP Klystron-S-3 GHz/ 3 MW

Parameter Value
Operating frequency
2998 +/- 2 MHz
Maximium pulse output power
at least 3 MWatt
Output pulse power with destabilizing factors
at least 2.7 MWatt
Power supply pulse power
does not exceed 7.5 MWatt
Pulse duration of control signal
7 - 14 microseconds
Duty cycle
at least 1000
Cathode voltage pulses
do not exceed 47 KilloVolts
Heater voltage, nominal
does not exceed 14 Volts
Control electrode voltage
does not exceed 4.5 KilloVolts
Cathode pulse current
does not exceed 160 A
Heater current
does not exceed 27 A
Anode current
does not exceed 50 microAmpere
Input power, optimal
30 Watt
Gain factor
at least 50
Voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR)
does not exceed 1.35
Length of klystron
does not exceed 20 inches
Width of klystron, excluding flange and waveguide
does not exceed 7.1 inches
Length of power output waveguide
does not exceed 9.7 inches
Klyston Mass with magnets included
does not exceed 133 lbs
Water-based for collector and resonator modules
Water usage

for collector: 28 Liters/Minute

for resonator: 8 Liters/Minute

Maximium Operating Pressure of ambient air near output waveguide
2.94 atm

Photo of Insight S-band (3 GHz) 3MW Pulse Klystron




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